We develop townhouses & units

for property owners and downsizers

We are a team of property development professionals with a wealth of experience, strong industry networks and refined financial models that can be leveraged to ensure the profitability of our projects. We specialise in managing developments for property owners, as well as helping older Australians build and downsize right where they live today. We use our expertise in property development to help our clients realise the value of their land by building two, or more, homes on their property. This gives our clients the option to move into one and rent or sell the other for a profit.

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We’re Property Development Managers

We help property owners capitalise on the potential of their land via developments. When property owners and downsizers first get in touch with us, we help them determine the best type of development for their needs that also maximises the profitability of the project.

We also provide development management services to experienced developers who wish to outsource the end to end management of their project. Call and chat to our experts for more details.

How we help Property Owners

Development Management

If you want to develop your land for investment purposes and want to avoid the associated headaches, we can manage the whole development for you. If you require funding, we can also help you raise it from our network of investors.

Joint Venture

In addition to managing the whole development process for you, we also bear the total cost of development up until the project is completed and the properties get sold. We then recover the cost of the development and split the profits from the project with you.

Option Purchase

If you do not wish to develop, and your land has strong development potential, we enter into an agreement to purchase your property in the future, at an agreed premium to the current market price. This agreement is executed once we have gained approval for the development.

How we help Downsizers

Custom Designs

We design homes around the needs of downsizers, with the aim of helping them stay in their home for longer.

Downsizing Development Management

Apart from supervising the build, we manage the entire process end to end, including helping with any temporary relocation or storage needs.

Capital Raising

If funding is required for the build, we can help obtain it from our network of investors.